Ready to take action for DULF?

With a flood of organizations worldwide showing solidarity with the compassion club while Vancouver Police continues criminalizing it, it's time to turn words into action.

Ready to take action for DULF?

On Friday November 3, take action in response to the arrests of Drug User Liberation Front compassion club organizers Eris Nyx and Jeremy Kalicum. The Mainlander has a rundown of what you can do between now and then to participate.

The central action is the March for DULF, organized by the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users at Main & Hastings, 12:30PM. If you’re in Vancouver, let them know you’re coming and bring everyone you know! If you’re in Victoria, a parallel action is being planned - keep an eye out for it. Outside of these, take to social media to show support or plan a banner drop in your area.

Additional actions highlighted by The Mainlander that you can take this week:

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